Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Gearing Up For The Pony Express

We're gearing up for the Pony Express!

Darth has had a complete service and gotten a perfect bill of health. The horse trailer has been overhauled and is good to go. Sam arrives here tomorrow, and we plan to hit the road late-afternoon on Thursday. So far so good!

Our plan is to drive I-70 pretty much the whole way. We begin with a short stint on I-76 in PA and have another short hop on I-25 north out of Denver, but otherwise it will be I-70 for about 1,500 miles across the middle of the country.

(Click map to embiggen)

Although the "northern" route via I-80 is very slightly shorter -- only by about 35 miles -- the consensus seems to be that I-70 is a much better road. Plus, we found a horse barn just west of St. Louis where we can board the horse to give him an overnight break. So, that clinched the decision to take the "southern" route.

We will mostly be driving at night, but we hope to see some nice scenery along the way. We'll do our best to share pictures -- and stories! -- from the road… Stay tuned!

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