Thursday, May 16, 2013

US Hwy 20: Lake Chautauqua

Lake Chautauqua is a very pretty area, and we finally had a beautiful day to enjoy it. Here's the view from our campground!

Happy and I spent the day cruising around the lake, a circumnavigation of about 45 miles. We stopped here and there to check things out, even making a visit to the local Ford dealer to have a basic service done on my truck. Just another of the many logistics required on a long road trip!

The lake is surrounded by a number of small, old villages. Back in the day, they were probably pretty well separated and delineated from each other. Now, they're pretty much a rolling sprawl of tangential towns, connected by an assortment of vacation establishments: camp grounds, golf courses, motels, marinas, etc. There's still a little farming in the area, but not much that I could see.

It's all very pretty, but not really all that interesting. The area is much more about relaxation and recreation than exploration. I found myself happily heading back to my headquarters in the RV park to enjoy the setting. You probably won't be surprised that I have the place to myself!

The weather is supposed to stay very good tomorrow, so I'm going to push my luck and hang around. I may do a little more exploring, but don't be surprised if I join my narcoleptic dog in a lazy day of sleeping, reading and catching up with myself… Stay tuned!

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