Friday, July 21, 2006

Report: Formula Nine

Imagine: You are nine years old. You are in Las Vegas with your dad and his old friend Macgellan. They take you to a kart race track, jam a crash helmet on your head, put you in a kart and say, “Go fast!” For the next ten minutes you are on the gas, flying around the track and really mixing it up with a pack of twenty-somethings who have been racing karts for years. You don’t finish first, but you don’t finish last either. When the race is over, several of the older drivers pat you on the helmet, give you a high five and say, “Pretty good, kid!” Way to go, Jake! Formula Nine! (Thanks to Jonathan Coulton for the perfect, charming little soundtrack song! I love your stuff!)


Jake Goldwasser said...

You actually kept the video!!!
Thanks a whole bunch...
Where's the logbook to go with it????

Macgellan said...

Sorry, Jake... When my old website crashed -- and I had to change systems -- I restarted the Logbook at the beginning of the "actual" Voyage and left out the handful of pre-Voyage entries, including "Kid Vegas." It's probably just as well, don't you think? Because what happened in Kid Vegas stays in Kid Vegas, right? (What was her name?)