Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Left Behind!

Note: This is an excerpt from my contributions to the SP Kennel Dog Log

With more than 60 dogs at the kennel, it is physically impossible for Allen and Aliy to run all of them at the same time. This means that some of them get left behind. Now, I don't pretend to really know "the mind of the dog" but it seems to me that those who are left behind are pretty bummed about it... Some especially so.

I shot this video of what it's like at the kennel "after the bosses are gone" and thought I'd post it to share a little "behind the scenes" action. I think those of you who are fans of Heeler -- "Mr. Personality" -- will find it especially entertaining, and I hope the rest of you enjoy it as well!

(Note: Aliy said the only thing she doesn't like about the video is that it shows what the kennel is like before it has been cleaned. I've assured her that everyone will understand, especially since I ended by saying "it's time to clean the dog yard!" If you'd like a real look "behind the scenes", I'd be happy to share that little bit of fun with you some day!)

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