Monday, January 12, 2009

Outtake: Doggie Duet

Note: This is an excerpt from my contributions to the SP Kennel Dog Log

To help pass the time until we can get an update on the teams from the race, I thought I'd share another little outtake with you. It may just be that I'm pretty punchy, but this clip really cracked me up.

While Aliy was rigging up her team in Chistochina yesterday, "Our Man Manny" was up to his usual, um, antics. This time, however, he really got Moonpie going with him. I wish I could say they reminded me of "Two Tenors", but the fact is they reminded me more of Archie Bunker and Edith from the beginning of the old "All In The Family" TV show.

So, see if this doesn't crack you up -- or at least bring a smile to your face -- while you wait. Enjoy!

Friday, January 09, 2009

CB300: Pre-Race - Part 1

Note: This is an excerpt from my contributions to the SP Kennel Dog Log

The SP Kennel teams loaded up for the Copper Basin 300 Mile Sled Dog Race early this morning. It was dark and very cold -- almost -50 degrees! -- but with Aliy and Allen plus their "handlers" -- Allen's daughter Bridgett helping him and Bob Hauer working with Aliy -- the process went quickly and smoothly. Unlike our past two trips to the Copper Basin area, we had no problems along the way and even got to see some of the beautiful scenery as the sun made its low arc into the daytime sky.

We reached race headquarters in plenty of time to deliver the bags of supplies and extra race gear so that they can be forwarded to the major checkpoints and be on-hand for when Allen and Aliy need them. This is a vitally important part of successful sled dog racing, and as much care as went into packing them back at the Kennel is repeated in the field to make sure the bags get to their proper destination!

Then there were the usual formalities of signing in, checking dog veterinary certificates, autographing race posters, etc., plus some visiting with other mushers and friends who were on hand. It all went so smoothly, frankly, that I hardly recognized the experience! I have checked into my own "headquarters" and found that the place I'm staying not only has the internet connection they promised, but it also works! So, color me happy and wish me luck that everything continues to work as I try to bring you as much up-to-the-minute info as I can.

Here is a video that I have quickly edited of footage I've shot so far today which will pretty much bring you up to date. In a little while we will be going to the mushers' banquet and whatever else is involved in the pre-race activities. I will try to get some video and edit a follow-up video later tonight, which is why I've entitled this video "Part 1".

Stay tuned!...

Saturday, January 03, 2009


Note: This is an excerpt from my contributions to the SP Kennel Dog Log

I thought you might like a little update on the temperature report...

It's COLD!!!

(If this keeps up, I'm going to need a bigger thermometer!)