Thursday, October 03, 2019

US60: Pie On The Continental Divide

Today's drive on US60 was very pretty, easy and amusing, perhaps the best so far on this road trip. Heading west out of Mountainair, NM, early this morning, the soft overcast, wide open space and mountains in the distance were easy on the eyes and soul. Morning in the desert can be fantastic!

Along the way, I repeatedly saw signs for "VLA" and wondered if there could really be a town by that name. Imagine my amusement when I spied the "Very Large Array" (VLA)! We've all seen this many times in movies, I'm sure, but I had no idea where it is located. Now we know it's on US60!

A few minutes later we crossed the continental divide, for about the hundredth time on my road trips. I was going to stop and take the requisite photo, but saw a sign just ahead that grabbed my attention instead. There is a place called "Pie Town" in New Mexico, and it has four, count 'em four pie shops!

After a very rewarding stop for pie on the continental divide, it was back on the road for a truly beautiful drive into Arizona. These are the vistas that make the driving so worthwhile!

Pulling into Springerville, AZ, we intersected with another old friend, US191.

You may recall that I drove US191 border to border back in 2014.

There is a very special place nearby that I have decided is worth a detour, so I'm going to suspend my US60 road trip for a couple of days.

Stay tuned!

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