Tuesday, October 15, 2019

US95: Another US Highway Without End

Is there proper US95 "End" or "Begin" signage at the border with Canada? In a word, no.

The Eastport port of entry is all business, dominated by substantial facilities of both the US and Canada. There were only a few vehicles, almost all of them trucks, most of those transporting cattle.

There is no town at the border, of any kind on either side. Besides customs and border control facilities, there's a post office, though I have no idea why it is there. There is also a duty free shop, which seems to be ubiquitous at borders.

Now, down to the big question: No, there is no "End" sign for US95 at the border. In fact, heading north, the last sign of any kind is quite a ways down the road to the south.

Immediately upon entering from Canada, this sign provides a pointer to the south. I guess it's too much to ask to have it embellished with "South" and "Begin."

After finding so much proper signage at the southern border, I was disappointed not to find any at the northern border. Such is life, right?

In brief summary, I have only marginally enjoyed driving US95 from border to border. It's a useful commercial corridor, but short on points of interest for the rest of us.

The geography is interesting, of course, as it must be since it spans desert to farmland to woodland to mountains. It has that in common with my previous transits of US93 and US191, but doesn't do it in nearly as enjoyable a fashion.

That said, it's possible that I've driven so many of these roads that I've lost my appreciation for them. Considering how many previous routes I crossed on this drive, it's also possible that I've reached my limit on end-to-end US Highway drives.

One of these days, I'll post a map showing all the road trips I've done in the last 10 years. I suspect it will shock all of us... Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

You still kicking?

Anonymous said...

You still alive, man?

Anonymous said...

Are you still alive?

Macgellan said...

Yes, I am still alive... Just haven't had much energy for continuing to post.