Sunday, October 06, 2019

US60: Arizona Crossing(s)

Today's drive on US60 was a crossing of almost all of Arizona. It also involved three more crossings of various US Highways I have previously driven on my many cross-country road trips.

First, in Springerville, we crossed US191 which I drove border-to-border back in 2014. West of there, US60 is mostly gentle ups and downs through alpine terrain with entertaining bends and turns.

After that, the route becomes a more challenging drive through the Salt River Canyon. It's a steep, twisty five miles down then back up, bracketed on each side by lesser but still significant dives and climbs. The scenery is stunning, despite one's tight grip on the wheel.

In Globe, we crossed the end of US70 which I drove coast-to-end on the same long road trip in 2014. West of there it's a high-speed run to Phoenix, which I was very happy to be crossing on a Sunday when traffic was light. Farther west, US60 is a rolling romp through lower and dryer dessert.

Finally, we've stopped for the day in Wickenburg, which is the starting point of US93 which I drove all the way to the Canadian border two years ago in 2017.

So, to recap, today we've crossed Arizona and three previously driven routes. I seriously think I'm running out of long-distance US Highways to drive! Tomorrow morning we will drive the last 75 miles to the end of US60 near the California border... Stay tuned!

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