Saturday, February 02, 2013

Happy: Dancing In The Sun!

Hi!... I'm Happy... I'm always Happy... That's why they call me Happy!… I'm especially happy today because -- after non-stop rain for the entire month since I got here -- the sun finally came out!

Macgellan and I went to a big park here in Anacortes and had a really nice, long hike out around the peninsula. The views were spectacular, and it felt great to do some "Happy Dancing" in the sun!

Somebody said that the sun being out today is actually bad news, because -- according to some stupid ground hog -- it means we're going to have six more weeks of winter. I don't understand any of that, especially the part about getting a weather forecast from a rodent!

All I know is that today was great and I've done some of my best "Happy Dancing" ever!


mom in pa said...

Your extensions are exquisite... I expect to see you as a principal in the PNB any day now! Keep up the good work...

Susan A. Smith, NBCT said...

So glad to see you writing your blog again Happy. I really missed you!