Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Happy: My New Logo!

Hi!… I'm Happy!… I'm always happy!... Today I'm really happy because I've got a new logo!

The other day when I was happy dancing in the sun, I gave Macgellan one of my best smiles ever and he caught it on film. He and another human friend used that picture to make a new logo for me. Here are the picture and logo, before and after:

This is a pretty big deal for me because I'm getting ready to go on tour and need my logo to decorate all my outfits and all kinds of other cool stuff. Before long, you may be seeing my logo everywhere. You might even get to wear my logo on your hat or t-shirt... Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

so cool!

ann said...

Happy I want you on my shirt,hat or jacket! Love you, love the logo. I'm a Happy fan cannot wait to see you out on tour!
Ann in Ohio

Joanne from upstate NY said...

Happy always makes me smile! And I'm sure we will all (including Happy) be following Aliy and Allen in the Iditarod starting this weekend. GO ALIY!!!!

Unknown said...

This is one good-looking logo if you ask me. It truly captures the joy of your dog, which makes it easy to remember, and that makes it effective. I'm looking forward to its production. I've also done a vector logo out of my pets and they turned out to be quite good for advertisement. I wish you all the best!

Humberto Decius