Saturday, September 29, 2012

Seattle Weekend Camp

I recently posted a photo taken from the rooftop deck of my Anacortes "transition" camp. Now, here's a shot from the rooftop deck of my Seattle "weekend" camp!

While my good friend Archie McPhee is out of the country this month, I've been doing a little house-sitting for him. Actually, houseBOAT-sitting is more accurate, since his home is a houseboat that floats on Lake Union. As you can see, it's got a pretty nice view of the iconic Seattle skyline.

I have to admit that it's been a bit of a shock for me to be in a big city again. I've become such a "small town guy" that I struggle a little with all the traffic, noise, hustle, bustle and people in the city.

What's more of a shock for me, frankly, is that I've gone from being essentially "homeless" to having two houses! It's kinda fun for a while, but I'm looking forward to establishing myself in my winter camp next month.

More about that soon... Stay tuned!


Barbara said...

Oh how I love Seattle and consider it home. I travel back at least twice a year to see family (I especially enjoy my niece and nephew and miss them lots). My family is in various places out there and that for most when they see or hear the name they would say, “WHERE?!” And probably not pronounce them correctly. But I’m sure you know right where these places are…..Sequim, Poulsbo, and Issaquah. I love the Peninsula and the Mountains and wilderness out there and if I get to move back someday that is where I would live.

Love the picture of downtown and I pretty much know right where that shot was taken. By the way I personally do NOT care for the new paint job on the Space Needle. They call it “Galaxy Gold” but it sure looks like orange to me. I like the all-white paint job...what do you think?

Have you had a chance to do any sailing while back in the Seattle area? Sailing was always lots of fun out there when it wasn’t raining (and I hear there has been essentially no rain for quite some time). I resumed sailing once I moved to Ohio and owned a 30’ sailboat for 5 years that was kept on Lake Erie.

Bye for now.......

Macgellan said...

Barbara -- Don't forget to put Puyallup on the list of names!... No, I don't care for the Needle's paint job... But I'm honestly not liking much in Seattle these days... The whole place seems to have gone completely crazy... I moved here in 1987 when it was a PERFECT little city and I had a dozen really good years here... Then it started to get too big, too crowded, too everything for me... That's all a big part of why I decided to become a nomad... No sailing for me around here, though I have prospects for being on the water up north... Stay tuned!

Barbara said...

Chuckling here, I have heard Puyallup pronounced some really funny ways!! I first moved to Seattle in 1971 from Alaska and it was great back then. I moved away in 1991 and it was still pretty good but man-o-man since then it has become....well just as you said “too everything”. You can have traffic jams at all hours of the day or night and it is so expensive to live there. That is why I said in my previous post if I ever move back it would be to live out on the peninsula somewhere. I actually find myself feeling a little claustrophobic when I first get there that is until I get on the ferry and get that incredible view of the city and Mt. Rainer and all the other mountain ranges. There are just no views like that area.