Tuesday, September 19, 2017

US12: Michigan Heritage Route

US12 enters Michigan from Indiana, southwest of New Buffalo, as a typical two-lane affair. The addition of roadside tree stands makes it very different from the many miles we've driven before. It's a 55 mph road, frequently punctuated by 30 mph towns, which makes it seem very slow compared to the 75+ mph we've become accustomed to. Nevertheless, it is a nice, easy drive. The weather was overcast and drizzly all day, so no great photos. This one is pretty typical.

In 2004, The Michigan Department of Transportation designated 209 miles of US12 from New Buffalo to Detroit as Historic Heritage Route. Many of the standard signs are thus adorned by additional designation.

"US-12 is among the oldest road corridors east of the Mississippi River and accesses some of the most extensive and significant historic, cultural, scenic and recreational resources in Michigan. It begins in downtown Detroit, just blocks from the Detroit River, and extends through southern Michigan to the Michigan/Indiana border south of New Buffalo.

"It was originally a network of centuries-old trails created by Native Americans. Over the years it has had many names such as Sauk Trail, Chicago Road, and Michigan Avenue." — Pete Hanses, MDOT's Heritage Route manager

Happy and I don't like to stay in downtown metro areas, so we have stopped just short of Detroit. Our plan is to finish the last few miles tomorrow and see if we can find any US12 "End" or "Begin" signs... Stay tuned!

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