Monday, September 11, 2017

US12: Over The Continental Divide... Again!

As per plan, a short drive today, only 100+ miles from Missoula to Helena, MT. I don't like to drive all day every day and I have an old friend here in Helena who has excellent taste in food and wine!

Immediately out of Missoula, the first half of the drive was a super fast -- 80mph! -- stint where US12 has been subsumed into I90. It's not bad as interstates go, with typical Montana big skies, rolling hills and scrub forests. The wildfire smoke is very heavy in places, but the views still manage to hold up.

Breaking off on it's own again, US12 continues to Helena. The drive is very pretty, with the high point -- literally -- being the sweeping view at 6,300 feet from the Continental Divide at MacDonald Pass.

My plan contemplates an extra day here in Helena, but Happy and I are pretty eager to get out of the eye-stinging smoke. So, we will push on tomorrow and try to get east of the fires sooner than planned... Stay tuned!

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