Thursday, September 07, 2017

Might As Well Make It A Road Trip!

My mother called the other day, to say that she's going in for back surgery and to ask me to be there (in PA) "just in case." Can't really say no to that, now can you? Considering the unknowns about how long I might need to be there and what all might be involved -- plus the hassle and hardships of flying with a dog these days! -- I decided I might as well make it a road trip!

My route east is pretty well set: US Highway 12 running from Aberdeen, WA, to Detroit, MI. Normally I would take one of the "0" highways, the original transcontinental routes like US20, US30, US50 and US70 which I have already driven end to end. US10 was my first choice (originally running from Seattle to Detroit) but it has been repeatedly truncated and mostly subsumed into I-90 and I-94. So, US12 is a much better option for this drive, a 2500 mile "old school" thoroughfare:

From Detroit, I'll pop down to PA by the 23rd, and stay there until my mom is finished with me. If it is a lengthy ordeal, I may have to zoom back on the Interstates. If it's only a week or so, I think I'll have time for a return combo of US Highways that have long been on my list.

US 60 runs from 2670 miles from the Atlantic coast in Virginia Beach, VA, to Brenda, AZ. It originally ran all the way to Los Angeles, but has long since been replaced there by I-10. The current terminus of US60 is very close to the southern end of US93, which runs north to the Canadian border:

From there, I'll cross northern ID and WA to return home. Voila! Now we'll see how it actually goes, starting tomorrow... Stay tuned!

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