Wednesday, September 20, 2017

US12: No End In Detroit

Happy and I had a leisurely morning. We found a great park for her and a nice little air museum -- Yankee Air Museum -- for me. Her park featured plenty of grass and a tree lined path. My museum featured a small but well displayed collection of aircraft, informative historical information and educational displays for kids.

This afternoon we drove the last few miles of US12 into downtown Detroit. It is obviously a very heavily used urban arterial. Quite a change from the wide open range out west!

It turns out that US12 is now the only US Highway route still serving downtown Detroit, whose street grid was laid out by Augustus B. Woodward, to have a five-way intersection of the roads that would become US12, US10, US16, US112 and US25. With all that heritage, you would think the end and beginning of the route would be well marked. You would be wrong.

Instead, US12 ends not with a bang but a whimper at Cadillac Square, with not so much as a sign of any kind. At least not one that I could find after several reconnaissance circuits and some boots on the ground scouting. So, once again on the Voyages of Macgellan, to seek, to strive, to find, but not to yield. Here's a photo of how 2500 miles of famous road ends:

Despite the signage disappointment, this has been another worthwhile road trip across America. One of these days I'm going to put together a composite map of all my cross-country drives. I'm afraid I would shock myself. For now, I'm calling it a wrap on US12 and heading to Pennsylvania. Depending on how all that goes, I'll make plans for returning to the Pacific Northwest... Stay tuned!

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Moira said...

This top picture is so interesting. I love it.