Friday, September 15, 2017

US12: Into The Green

Basic meteorology: "Put your back to the wind. The high is on your right, the low is on your left."

Puling out of Mobridge, SD, this morning, the wind was strong from the left, so you can bet we were heading straight into the low pressure zone. True to form, it rained consistently -- with some heavy downpours -- the entire 200 miles across eastern South Dakota.

The fog was also very thick at times. From the few glimpses I got, it didn't seem we were missing much in the way of view. Perhaps gradually improving farmland and a few tiny towns, but not much.

Crossing into Minnesota, you're definitely in the green, with proper corn fields as far as the eye can see on both sides of the road. The rain gradually let up and the sun peeked through at times.

Happy and I are in Willmar, MN, which seems like a nice, mid-size town. So, we are going to take a planned two night break here... Stay tuned!

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