Saturday, April 02, 2016

My Kentucky Hemp Homestead

A number of factors aligned such that my decision to stay in Kentucky for another season of growing hemp was pretty much a no-brainer. First, the young ladies of Kentucky Hempsters and their sister company United Hemp Industries invited me to manage the farm operations of their research and development project this year. Their plan is sufficiently ambitious and multi-faceted that it not only got my attention but promises to keep me fully engaged in a steep learning curve going forward.

Second, Mulberry Orchard, my favorite young farming family from last year, committed to partnering in the project. They are excellent young farmers and great to work with. Their farming knowledge, well run operations, enthusiasm for learning about growing hemp, and patience with the nuisances of running research test plots on a working farm, all combine to make them perfect partners.

Best of all, they offered to let me live in an old farmhouse on one of their properties! That makes my "commute" to the hemp field just a short walk down my half-mile driveway. It's a huge old place with tons of character, and I am quite happily ensconced in a couple of comfy rooms with some borrowed furniture. Here are views from the driveway and from the front porch:

Morning walks are especially pretty, particularly when there is a clear sky and mist on the fields.

My big barn -- I have several! -- may need a little work, but you sure can't beat it for character.

To say the least, Happy the Sled Farm Dog loves it. There's no limit to how much she can romp, there's no leash law, and there's no end to the wonderful smells, interesting activity and nice people!

Unlike last year, I will be free to post whatever I want to about the project. Between the ambitious hemp plan and all the grass I have to cut, I may not have much time to spare... Stay tuned!