Sunday, July 12, 2009

Getting From Point A to Point B

One of the peculiarities of US Highway 2 is its discontinuity, with a big gap across the Great Lakes. There are two primary ways to get from the terminus in St. Ignace, Michigan (Point A) to the terminus in Rouses, New York (Point B):

I've chosen to take the northern route, entirely through Canada, mostly because it is the more direct path and it comes as close as possible -- in my opinion -- to the path that Hwy 2 would take if it continued.

Not surprisingly, the route in Canada (C17) is almost identical to the US 2 I've been driving for the past few weeks in almost every way: type of roadway, environment, scenery, etc.

Maybe a bit surprising is that for as little as there has been on US 2 in terms of things to see and do, there have been even fewer things of interest on C17!

Nevertheless, it's been a pretty good drive and I'm glad I chose the northern route. The whole drive has been so surreal, yet somehow so normal, that I've grown quite fond of its "nothingness."

I've now re-entered the US in upstate New York at a place where -- as you can see -- several major US Highways make their start, finish, connections, etc.

I'm going to take a couple of days here to sort myself out, in anticipation of the arrival of my mother who has decided to join me for a few days in the area. She spent a fair amount of time around here when she was a young girl, so it should be interesting to get her perspectives, find out what's changed, etc... Stay tuned!

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