Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mom's Old Stomping Grounds

Bless my mother, she arrived with two bottles of our favorite scotch whiskey and a pound of Starbucks coffee. Even better, as she handed me the treasure she said, "I know this isn't enough scotch and coffee for us for a week, but it's all I could carry!" Bless my mother!

We've had a really good few days together in the road rig, the first time my mom has traveled and lived in a camper. She has been in recovery from a broken hip, pushing herself as always to get back to 100% as fast as possible.

So, we've done some hiking in addition to our driving around upper Vermont and New Hampshire. We've also had some really, really nice camping places, so she's pretty well hooked on the milieu.

A definite high point was a visit to the Balsams hotel in Dixville Notch, NH. I have long heard about the place but never been there. When my mother was a girl she spent many summers there because, at the time, it was owned by her uncle!

The family story of Uncle Frank is a long and colorful one. Nobody seems to have the complete story, least of all is the current hotel management! The general manager was thrilled when my mother walked in and explained who she was. He had a million questions about Uncle Frank, what the place was like, who was who, etc. She was able to fill in a number of gaps -- including put names to faces in old pictures that hang throughout the place -- and resolve a number of mysteries. After a couple of hours of consultation, we were rewarded with a free lunch and an invitation to come back any time!

I'm dropping my mom off at the airport tomorrow, then I'll get back on US Hwy 2 for the last little stint to the Canadian Border at Houlton, Maine... Stay tuned!

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