Friday, September 21, 2012

Flashback: AlCan Road Trip!

I have finally finished posting my epic AlCan highway road trip! It's required a ridiculous amount of work, and taken me almost three years to compile, edit and post!

My coverage of the eight day journey includes 90 minutes of video, featuring narrated live footage and dash-cam still photos of almost every one of the 2,000+ grueling miles.

I think it's been worth it, though, because the AlCan is an important part of the ongoing Voyages of Macgellan!

I recommend you use one of these two methods for viewing my AlCan coverage:

1) If you want to pace yourself -- perhaps over a similar eight day period! -- you can view each day's post separately by clicking on the links below. (Note: It will take you about 15 minutes to read the post and view the video for each day)
Day 1 -- Seattle, WA to Hope, BC
Day 2 -- Hope, BC to Quesnel, BC
Day 3 -- Quesnel, BC to Chetwynd, BC
Day 4 -- Chetwynd, BC to Fort Nelson, BC
Day 5 -- Fort Nelson, BC to Watson Lake, YT
Day 6 -- Watson Lake, YT to Haines Junction, YT
Day 7 -- Haines Junction, YT to Tok, AK
Day 8 -- Tok, AK to Fairbanks, AK
2) If you want to have more of a marathon experience -- more like the road trip itself! -- you can hunker down with a pot of coffee (or maybe a bottle of whiskey!) and view the coverage all in one chronological post by clicking the link below. (Note: It will take you about two hours to read the entire post and view all the videos)
AlCan: Eight Day Road Trip from Seattle to Fairbanks
Whichever method you choose, I'm confident the only way you can get a better, fuller experience of the famous AlCan highway road trip is to drive it yourself!... Enjoy your journey!

(Note: This set of posts is also significant because it means that I am now entirely caught up with everything on this website! The entire Macgellan story is now up to date... Stay tuned!)

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sasha's mom said...

sitting with coffee watching this is sure easier than slogging mile after mile. Enjoyed the trip!