Sunday, September 02, 2012

US Hwy 30: Gorge-ous

I've had a couple of very nice, mixed-use days here in the Columbia River Gorge. The weather has been absolutely fantastic, with clear skies and bright sun being augmented by cool -- even crisp! -- temperatures. The whole area is simply gorgeous, and it's great just to sit and enjoy the view.

I've done a few short hikes, driven a few scenic roads and checked out a few of the historical and cultural attractions. I've even taken the scenic river cruise on a sternwheeler boat!

I've also enjoyed just being in one place for a few days, a clear signal that I'm ready to finish up this road trip and take a break from the more or less constant movement. Tomorrow, I will drive from here to Astoria, Oregon, which is the western terminus of US Highway 30. Once there, I will put my feet in the Pacific Ocean, have a little completion ceremony and call it a wrap… Stay tuned!

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