Tuesday, September 04, 2012

US Hwy 30: Completion

To wrap things up this morning, I visited Fort Clatsop, the recreated over-winter fort of Lewis & Clark. It's a pretty spartan affair by modern standards, but it must have been welcomed quarters for members of the party after their long and grueling trek. Despite the almost continual rain and cold they had that winter, it was at least a place they could call home for a while.

The fort is one of many attraction in the Astoria area, a region I highly recommend. There's a lot of history and culture here, all pretty well presented. One of the main features of the area is the presence of the Columbia River on one side of the peninsula and the Pacific Ocean on another. As is my custom, I went to the beach and spent some time there. Some walking and some just sitting, but all very good for my soul.

Probably more than any other road in America, US Highway 30 is a road rich in history. Including large parts of the Lincoln Highway -- the first trans-continental road in the country -- as well as much of the Oregon Trail and Lewis & Clark's route, driving it has been an ongoing homage to early American History.

That's been helpful for me to keep in mind, because I can't really say that the road itself has been particularly enjoyable. Poor road conditions through long stretches combined with many broken down old towns and being subsumed into various interstates to give a sense that this famous, historic road has been left to rot.

That said, however, it's been an excellent road trip. I've had many good experiences along the way and gained many valuable insights. Those are my primary criteria for exploration, so I happily declare the successful completion of another Macgellan expedition. Thanks for riding along with me.

In the morning, I'll be heading north and plan to reach Anacortes, Washington. There I will establish my own winter camp. What's next for Macgellan?… Stay tuned!

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Joanne in upstate NY said...

Really enjoyed the trip. Will be going back to read previous trips. Was an avid reader of your SPKennel commentary. Thanks for the journeys!