Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Eastern Utah

For the entire eastern two-thirds of Utah, US Hwy 50 has been replaced by I-70. The only remnant of the old route is the occasional sign post which identifies that you are on both roads. As an interstate, the roadway was wider but not discernibly any better. Highway 50 has been in extremely good condition for the entire thousand or so miles that I have driven it so far.

The scenery, however, has changed remarkably. Instead of very long flat stretches punctuated by occasional hill climbs, today was a series of very long hill climbs punctuated by occasional flats. Darth really got another work out today, and was as fabulous as ever.

Another difference today was the presence of viewpoints and turn-outs at regular intervals. I took advantage of several, much to our mutual enjoyment (I hope).

I'm now just over the border in Grand Junction, Colorado, and planning to continue east in the morning.

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