Thursday, August 25, 2011

US Highway 50 -- "End-to-End" Officially Begins!

Although I was up and out of my Petaluma campground in proper form this morning, I got pretty well hammered by traffic the minute I left the gate. Between that and a stop at Starbucks, it was late morning by the time I approached Sacramento and the official start of US Highway 50 eastbound.

I've zoomed in on the sign in this photo from my DashCam, simply because it made me smile: Only 3,073 miles to go!

I only drove another 50 miles or so today -- over some fair to good road with fair to poor scenery and moderate to steep climbs-- and stopped just as the heat of the day really set in. Darth's got about 5,000 feet of elevation to gain tomorrow, and I want him to do it early in the morning when, hopefully, it will be cooler.

So, my US Hwy 50 road trip has officially begun!

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