Monday, August 29, 2011

Welcome To Utah!

Between Ely (NV) and Delta (UT), Highway 50 shares the road with US Hwy 6 -- also called the "Grand Army of the Republic Highway" -- which runs from the tip of Cape Cod in Massachusetts to the Pacific coast in Long Beach, California. It's another of the great old highways and definitely a candidate for one of my future road trips… Someday, maybe.

For today, the convergence of 50 and 6 was simply one of the few novelties in the otherwise barren desert. The desert drive was again fantastic, mind you, but you can see how it was nice to have some interesting signs to look at along the way.

It's hard to describe what it's like to drive from this point -- in an absolutely straight line -- for 15 minutes before you reach the mountains!

The stop where I took the photo above was at the NV/UT border, and here's the sign which makes it official. I've driven on to Richfield, UT, and plan to continue the rest of the way across Utah to Grand Junction, CO, tomorrow.

Click here to see exactly where I am right now on Google Maps.


Anonymous said...

Grand Junction.... Isn't there a fried chicken joint there??

Macgellan said...

Dude! An unforgettable moment indeed... A 32 piece bucket!... Can you believe that was 30 years ago!!!