Thursday, August 04, 2011

The "Northern Origin" of US 101

I hit the road in earnest yesterday, immediately opting to abandon any thoughts I had of beginning US 101 at it's official origin in Olympia, WA. Frankly, I just didn't care for the idea of driving all the way south to Olympia, then all the way north to Port Angeles -- a long day's drive on roads I've already driven a dozen time -- just to meet a technicality.

Instead, I drove from Seattle to Mukilteo and caught a ferry to Whidbey Island, had lunch with my good friend Jeni, then hopped another ferry across to Port Townsend. From there it was just a nice little drive to Port Angeles -- which is really the "northern origin" of US 101 -- where I checked into a pretty little campground.

Thus, you can see that my "Road Rig" has taken it's first two ferry rides -- both on the same day -- and looked quite nice in the process. You can also see that I've made good use of the "quick release" aspect of my camper sled to make Darth available unencumbered. Which was really helpful, because today I drove into Port Angeles town to do some chores, have lunch and look around. I also scouted out the closest thing to the "northern origin" and found this marker where US 101 switches from "North" to "West" signage.

That's really all just a bunch of mumbo jumbo. The point is, I am at what I'm calling the northern origin of US 101 and ready to head west/south in the morning!

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