Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bandon, OR

Bandon is my favorite place so far on the Oregon coast. It's got a beautiful, wide open beach, a nice little "old town" and a good selection of shops, restaurants and coffee joints. Plus, the weather has been perfect, which always helps.

The best thing about Bandon in my opinion, though, is that it's got a quiet, laid-back, almost unnoticeable tourist scene. There are some touristy kinds of places, but even those seem to be pretty low-key and unobtrusive.

Most folks seem to be "regulars" who come here to hang out and enjoy the peace and quiet. I am by far the youngest person at my RV park, and the only one to arrive and leave in the same week.

Throw in the Subway and the laundromat... Heck, I could hide out here for a long time! In reality, I'm heading south again tomorrow, perhaps into northern California.

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