Thursday, August 18, 2011

Greetings From California

There's not much south of Bandon, mostly just cranberry bogs, berry farms, dunes, grassland and the occasional glimpse of the coast. I pulled over to enjoy and photograph a few of them, but once in a while they just popped up in front of me as you can see in the shot from my DashCam.

An interesting aspect of the Oregon coast that I've wanted to share with you is the large number of "Deco-ish" bridges along the way. This shot -- also from my DashCam -- shows you a good example. They're a nice alternative to the typical highway span, though after a while they too become routine.

About mid-day I hit the Oregon-California border and got a kick out of the "Farewell / Hello" road signage. I don't know why, but this little hospitality competition between states amuses me.

Just over the border, I had to pull over for the California "agricultural inspection" which consisted of a guy asking me if I had any fresh fruit or fire wood on board. My bag of grapes was no problem for the man, so he just handed me a map of the state parks and wished me a pleasant day.

Shortly after that, I passed the first really tacky tourist trap of this road trip. There were a few "roadside attractions" in Washington and Oregon, but they were mostly small, unobtrusive and more-or-less fitting to the locale. The "Ship Ashore" is something else entirely. It is also "Closed Til Feb" which leads me to believe it is closed for good.

I pulled into a campground north of Crescent City, unhitched my sled -- which I'm really liking the ease of -- and went into town. I was back at my camper about an hour later, which probably says all I need to about Crescent City. I'm going to hang out here today, then continue south in the morning.

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