Saturday, February 09, 2013

Happy: Dancing At The Ballet!

Hi!… I'm Happy!… But today you can call me Juliet!

My friend Maria Chapman saw my recent "dancing in the sun" photo and said I have beautiful form! She knows about these things, because she is a principal at the Pacific Northwest Ballet where she is currently dancing the role of Lady Capulet in Romeo and Juliet!

Maria thinks I could be a ballerina too, and invited me to dance with her in the ballet studio. I wasn't quite sure of myself at first, when she dressed me up as Juliet using fabric from the real Juliet's costume. Then she gave me a really nice pep talk, telling me how beautiful and talented I am!

Hearing that made me very happy, so I put on my best smiling face and we started dancing.

We pranced around the studio for a while, which I was very good at, of course! Then we held some poses from the ballet as Lady Capulet and her daughter Juliet. I need more practice standing up by myself, so Maria helped me hold steady in the poses. That helped a lot!

My favorite moment was when I looked deep into her eyes and she looked back into mine. Maria is so beautiful and graceful that it's a little overwhelming to a simple girl like me!

I had such a wonderful time dancing with her!

After dancing, we visited with the ladies in the costume department. They were very nice to me, and they said I could keep my costume! As we were leaving, I met Carla Körbes, the PNB principal who is dancing as Juliet. She is very beautiful, too, and you can see I was a little awe-struck!

Thanks very much to Maria and to everyone at the Pacific Northwest Ballet for being so nice to me! I had a wonderful time and hope maybe we can do it again some day!

That brings you up to date on the grand adventures I'm having in my retirement... Stay tuned!

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ann said...

Love your little dancer! What a great story.