Sunday, September 04, 2011

Fort Collins Saturday Night

I'm in Fort Collins, CO, visiting with my young friend Samantha, whom you may recall from when Darth went to the rodeo. She is the elder daughter of "my other brother" Marty -- whom you may also recall from our adventures on the Kenai Peninsula -- and she is finishing college here.

It was Saturday night, so I asked Sam (far right) to pick her favorite place for dinner and to invite a few of her friends -- (left to right) Erin, Jackie and Meagan -- to join us.

In addition to being charming and delightful company, the ladies are all "horse women" and they were very gracious about explaining many things I have long wondered about horses. For example, the bond they describe having with their horses is very similar to the bond I have experienced with dogs. Also, there are many, many more breeds of horses than I ever imagined, and there is at least as much controversy about horse racing as there is about dog racing.

Besides my equine inquiries, our lively conversation ran the gamut and we had a lot of laughs. I'm sure it must be a little weird to go out to dinner with some old geezer you don't know, but I very much appreciate their courage and company… Thank you, ladies!

I'm going to hang out here for a couple more days, to catch up on chores, restock my road rig, and enjoy a little time in one place for a change. I expect to be back on US 50 headed east by mid-week… Stay tuned!


Meaghan said...

We all had a wonderful time at dinner, the conversations were certainly enlightening and always fun. I hope you find yourself in Fort Collins again, or in need of a caravan to Alaska- I know your stories of dog sledding had all of us drooling. And I have been inspired enough to email Dr.Mike Davis to see if he needs an undergraduate student for the next research season, I just need to clear it with my adviser before I approach him.
Thank you again, and safe travels to you and Darth!

Macgellan said...

Hi Meaghan -- It was a delight for me to visit with you! Please let me know if you'd like me to email Doc Mike on your behalf... I'd be happy to!