Thursday, September 01, 2011

Arkansas River & Royal Gorge

The road along the Arkansas River east of Monarch Pass is a bit twisty in places, but it's quite pretty and almost entirely down hill. So, Darth and I both had a nice morning's drive.

I stopped at the famous Royal Gorge for lunch and a bit of a look-see. The place is basically a mini-theme-park, focused around "one of the world's highest" bridge, tramway, funicular, etc. It's all pretty "bigged up" but still worth a walk out on the bridge for the spectacular view. The photo doesn't really show the depth, but the river is a thousand feet below.

I continued east to Pueblo where I have temporarily turned off US Hwy 50 and am headed north on I-25. I'm going to visit with friends in Fort Collins and Denver for the long weekend, then swing back down and pick up US 50 where I left it. I'm almost exactly one-third of the way across the country, so I'm calling this "the end of Part 1"… Stay tuned!

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