Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hills and Trees!

Yesterday's drive was almost entirely flat and straight as I traversed the rest of Kansas. The road was really good, and I enjoyed the drive. Despite the lack of things to see -- and even fewer to photograph -- there's something very peaceful and rewarding about rolling across the prairies.

I started today's drive in at the western border of Missouri and have crossed the entire state to approach of St. Louis. Rolling hills, bends in the road and lush green landscape -- with trees! -- were quite a novelty!

I'm going to spend a few days here in St. Louis to visit with friends, then continue east later in the week… Stay tuned!

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Barbara said...

Hi Again:

You are getting close to my neck of the woods and so I wanted to toss out another recommendation (glad you have Road Trip USA). If you pass through Chillicothe, OH and need a place to eat I recommend a detour to a small town called Laureville, OH and eat at The Ridge Inn. I eaten there many times over the last several years and know the owners, nice people and good food. It's about 30 minutes off your route but well worth it. Besides that will get you close to Hocking Hills which is beautiful by Midwest standards. I use to live in Alaska and consider myself from Seattle so I know true mountains. Well, just a suggestion...ENJOY and safe travels.


P.S. About to head out on a 2 week roadtrip to Yellowstone, living in a van and roughing it for that time frame. I'll be on the watch for bears, they have had 2 bear related deaths this year but sounds like the people involved were not too smart in their choices.

Macgellan said...

Hi Barbara -- Thanks for the info... I've made a note and will keep it in mind!... Safe travels to you... M