Monday, October 07, 2019

US60: A Proper End In The Desert

West of Wickenburg, AZ, US60 is your basic desert affair, a straight, flat, two-lane road in modest condition with not much to offer besides mountains in the distance; pleasant but nothing special.

After driving for an hour or so, I pulled off the road and was delighted to see it: A proper "End" sign, exactly where it is supposed to be, at the point where US60 becomes ramps for Interstate 10.

Happy and I took a few minutes to mark the occasion of finishing another end-to-end road trip together, me by taking photos and her by leaving p-mail. I congratulated her and she gave me the look of "Whatever, let's get back in my air conditioned dog house."

Here's my brief review of US60:

US60 is a good road trip route, but not a great one. Except for a few challenging spots (e.g. the mountains of West Virginia, the Salt River Canyon), it is an easy drive on good roadways. If offers moderate geographic diversity, from the lush forests of the east to the deserts of the west, but not as much as northern routes like US20 and US30.

US60 is what I would call a "blue collar" road: hard working and honest, but not especially pretty or interesting. Either there just aren't that many points of interest along the way, or I missed them.

As of now, I have driven all of the original, long-distance US Highways north of here: US2, US12, US20, US30, US50, US60 and US70 (US40 has been mostly subsumed into I-80). South of here, US80 and US 90 only run from the east coast to Texas and have also been greatly replaced by Interstates. I think that's my way of saying I'm probably done with "coast-to-coast" route expeditions.

Starting tomorrow, I have another "border-to-border" US95 drive ahead of me... Stay tuned!

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