Monday, October 07, 2019

US95: A Proper Beginning At The Border

From where I reached the end of US60 this morning near Brenda, AZ, it was only a short drive to be in position to begin my border-to-border drive of US95 in San Luis, a few miles south of Yuma, AZ.

Approaching the border crossing with Mexico, I was very happy to find an "End" sign just steps from where the road turns into the checkpoint. I was thrilled to find a "Begin" sign within a block of where checkpoint traffic enters the US. I know my feelings may seem weird, but they're well earned!

I would have to go back and review many of my previous posts to be sure, but I think this may be the first time that I have found both "Begin" and "End" signs at the same US Highway terminus. If it isn't the first time, it's at least been a long time since there's been proper signage.

It's probably a good thing, because I have been warned that there may be neither sign where I will finish my US95 drive far to the north at the border of Idaho with Canada... Stay tuned!

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