Saturday, October 05, 2019

US60 Detour: Alpine Revisited

About 30 miles south on US191 from its junction with US60 in Springerville, AZ, is an idyllic, high mountain valley, which is home to the aptly named very small town of Alpine, AZ.

I first "discovered" Apline five years ago during my US191 border-to-border drive. It was such a perfect place to take a break from being in the desert – and home to some really wonderful people – that I determined to take a couple of days off from this US60 road trip to revisit Alpine. Once again, it was a perfect respite.

Besides the obviously beautiful setting, cool air and lush greenery, Alpine also offers as a highlight the Foxfire restaurant, a culinary treat by world-class city standards, and a seeming impossibility in a remote small town.

I was delighted to have two dinners and a brunch at Foxfire, the latter including an adult morning beverage that didn't help my energy level for the rest of the day.

As usual during "days off" on the road, I spent some time sorting and organizing gear, also taking advantage of the local laundromat to set me up with clothes for the rest of the trip.

Happy used her skills to make the most of her days off by alternately sleeping in the sun and shade.

After a delightful and refreshing two day break, we are ready to hit the road again... Stay tuned!

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