Monday, November 27, 2006

Logbook: Costa Rica 3

Costarica3After six days of pretty fast-paced travel, it was nice to be in one place for a long weekend. My folks and I made use of the beautiful -- but not particularly well run -- Casa Conde Mar’s facilities on Friday for a day of relaxation, hanging out and enjoying uninterrupted time together. Saturday was a different story, beginning with a “jungle canopy tour” which Mom and I did via a dozen “zip lines.” I’m sure you have all seen pictures of people zipping between tree stands hanging from wires, but I doubt you’ve seen anything like the Report of my mother doing it! Seeing the way she took to the process -- smiling like a fool the entire time -- is nothing short of astonishing. (If her friends thought she was crazy to go to Alaska in winter for the Iditarod, they will probably want to have her committed for doing this!)

In the afternoon we took a really nice sunset sailing cruise. Most of the dozen or so folks in our group gathered on the fore deck, but I found myself sitting aft and reminiscing about my yacht delivery last spring. I had talked to the captain about it just briefly when he said, “Great! Take the wheel while I go get a beer!” I guess I did okay, because he proceeded to sit and drink his beer without offering to retake the helm. (Thanks for the good training, Roy!) Anyway, it was such a clear, calm evening and the sunset was so spectacular that it was a perfect finish to our Costa Rican co-exploration.

Sunday was another day of rest and relaxation during which my folks and I reflected on our fine time together, made sure we were all caught up and considered some ideas for where we might co-explore next. This morning we all packed up, checked out and got back on the bus. After a very brief stop for last-minute shopping we arrived at the airport in Liberia and said good-bye to everyone who was heading home -- including my folks. As they headed into the terminal for their flight, I got back on the bus for the ride back to San Jose with those in the group who are going on a brief “extension” in the morning. I will be staying here in San Jose for a few days until my friend Kay arrives on Thursday to join The Voyage for a week of exploration on the beaches of the southern Costa Rican coast!

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