Monday, August 05, 2013

Pony Express II: Record-Breaking Return!

I pulled out of North Platte, NE, yesterday morning at 8am and arrived back at my camper in PA just before 7pm this evening. Allowing for time zones, that's a total time of only 33 hours!

The actual driving time was about 26 hours, with the remaining 7 hours taken up by five stops for gas/comfort/food and a 3 hour nap. Was I cruising, or what?!?

I've travelled the route so many times now that I wasn't really motivated to take any photos. Except this one, an homage to Happy The Sled Dog who has easily earned the title of "Best Travel Dog Ever!" Honestly, folks, she slept for at least 30 of the 33 hours!

The Pony Express II has been a complete, flawless success. My thanks to Sam and Kelsie for their outstanding partnership on both high-quality expeditions... You rock!

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Unknown said...

I wonder if Happy is dreaming of running to Nome!