Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Darth: Stolen and Stripped

No, I'm not kidding... No, this isn't a joke.

Sometime in the early morning hours of Friday, October 5th -- the day before I flew to Alaska -- my truck was stolen from a parking lot in Seattle. I held the scant hope that someone had just taken him for a joyride until I received a call last Friday that he had been found, almost entirely stripped.

On the outside, it's obvious that the thieves took my custom Rickson wheels and tires, the air-bag suspension for my camper and the entire front-end bumper-winch-lights assembly. Also gone is my truck box and its entire contents of winch equipment, towing gear, fuel cans, tools, etc.

Under the hood, both batteries were removed by cutting the wiring harnesses, and other engine parts are damaged or missing. The interior was entirely stripped of seats, console, electronics, etc. All of my personal property was taken, including a large duffel of winter gear for my trip to Alaska.

If you've been following my travels, you know that Darth is an integral part -- literally the driving force -- of my road rig. This is a major set-back for me, both personally and professionally.

I'm fully engaged in the insurance process, but I don't know anything yet. I have no idea what will happen, how or when. I will let you know when I do. Please don't ask me any questions.

Meanwhile, I still plan to establish my winter camp in Anacortes. A friend has very kindly offered to tow my camper sled to the RV park where I will be staying. After that, I can only wait to see what happens with Darth, consider my options going forward and make plans accordingly.

If it's sick to love a machine, I plead guilty. Darth has served me exceptionally well in every situation we have faced together, from the most comfortable pleasure cruises down the road to the harshest of extreme arctic expeditions. He didn't deserve this treatment at the hands of savages.


Barbara said...

I am so very sorry to hear that this happened! And I totally understand the way you feel about Darth. I feel the same way about a van (with a bed in back) that has safely provided some awesome trips around the country. It is a kind of strange affection for a machine but when that machine plays a KEY role in those awesome trips then you just feel an attachment to it....others might not understand until they have experienced it as well. I would feel sick (and very angry) if someone violated that machine AND my other personal belongs. Thinking of you.......


Barbara said...

Crazy РI don't actually 'know' you but what happened with Darth and therefore you has sure been on my mind this week!! I have no doubt that everything will work out and not to sound too clich̩ but "it will get better." When we are in the middle of bad stuff it never seems that way and I sure do understand that so my words probably do not help any but just know that I am sending LOTS of positive vibes your way and that the "it will get better" comes sooner rather than later.


TimberLove said...

We've been reading back in your bloggie and are shocked and appalled this happened to you,

Evelyn said...

We met on a train traveling to Harrisburg several years ago and I have loved following all your travels and some of the wonderful things that you have experienced since meeting you. I am so sorry this happened to you and Darth and I can understand loving your vehicle and/or anything else that you become accustomed to using, having, etc. I have been telling my grandkids about you and your travels and I hope I hope all works out for you and Darth. I wish you well and consider myself lucky to have met you!