Saturday, November 03, 2012

Darth: R.I.P.

The insurance company declared Darth a total loss. He has gone to truck heaven. In memoriam, here are photos of Darth at three of his finest moments. He will be missed. May he rest in peace.

I've spent practically every minute of the past two weeks doing paperwork, making calls, looking at options, juggling finances and working on what's next. It's been a complicated, disruptive and exhausting experience, but I'm close to having a plan set in motion... Stay tuned!


ann said...

So sorry to hear your trials with Dartth.
It is sad when people, animals or machines move away from our path before we are finished learning from them. I look forward to reading about your next adventure. I became familiar with you whileyou wrote on the SPK blog and I'm a fan of Happy. It didn't occurs to me to look you up before now. But I am very glad I did.
I got a tear in my eye with both Cinderella stories.
YOU ROCK! Happy trails too you.
Ann in Ohio

ann said...

On a side note, I became familiar with Archie Mcfee several years ago. What a great mind and what a hoot. Have had great fun with the avenging. Narwhale and Yodling pickle.
You are involved in some of my favorite things.
Ann in Ohio

Lynn said...

Mac ~ I don't know you, but have enjoyed following you on SPK and your travels for several years now. I wish to extend my sincere sympathy on your tragic loss of Darth. May he rest in peace knowing he was loved.
Things can only get better...soon you will traveling in your new rig with Happy riding shotgun!
Regards, Lynn from the Catskills

Joanne in upstate NY said...

My sympathies too, Macgellan. But I look forward to reading about new adventures in Darth's next incarnation with Happy (I was so excited to read in Aliy's blog that you were getting Happy!!). Isn't it odd how a major sadness can be balanced by an unexpected 'Happy'ness!!

Unknown said...

OK, WOW!! I guess I need to check in more often. So sorry to hear about the loss of Darth! :-(

Holler if you need anything. Will buzz you.