Thursday, August 01, 2013

Pony Express II: First Stint Recap

Like clockwork, Sam and Kelsie had the horse trailer outfitted and Slammer loaded aboard for our departure last night at exactly the planned time of 9pm.

We pulled into the horse barn B&B west of St. Louis at 3pm today, capping off a perfect 18 hour first stint on the Pony Express II.

In between, our expedition was almost exactly like last year's:

Our basic system was to drive 2-3 hours and stop for human comfort and to check on Slammer, then drive another 2-3 hours and stop to let Slammer out for exercise, put fuel in the truck as well as human purposes.

At every stop, Slammer at least got his door opened so he could look around. He traveled very well, and even seemed to be having a good time being the star of the show!

At our stop this morning, Slammer took the opportunity to decorate the parking lot. As always, Kelsie and Sam were quick to clean up, and we left every stop looking like it did when we arrived.

Happy was a perfect traveling companion as usual, spending almost all the time curled up and asleep. She took care of business during some of our stops, but mostly just partnered up with whoever was in the back seat for sleep. Is this the sweetest photo of the first stint? I think so!


Anonymous said...


How did you like the 4 legged hoofed creature?
It must have been a little different for you.


Macgellan said...

I like everybody who likes me! Slammer and I got nose to nose.. He's cool, so I am too!