Saturday, June 10, 2006

Report: Yacht Delivery - Part 2 - "The Experience"

After a few unsuccessful attempts at editing an iMovie short to convey our “Yacht Delivery Experience”, I realized it would be best to simply provide a montage of unedited video clips and let them speak for themselves. All I will offer as an introduction is to say that far from being a “pleasure cruise”, a “delivery” is work! As you will see, we started with high hopes of high times and ended up worn out, half stir-crazy and hoping only that the trip would soon be over. The fact that we were equipped with every modern technology -- radar, GPS and auto-pilot -- was a mixed blessing. While, it made our “job” easier in terms of navigation and boat handling, it made the monotony of being under power with nothing to do but watch the gizmos work almost unbearable at times. The endless succession of “4 hours on, 4 hours off” watches was tiresome enough with a crew of four -- there was at least someone on watch with you -- but it became a true test of endurance when Tom and Jen got off the boat half-way through the journey. Captain Roy and I spent the last two days in a zombie-like battle against exhaustion. All in all, though, it was an excellent opportunity and a very valuable experience. Plus, the fact that I can add “experienced delivery crew” to my resume may very well help me arrange passage in the future on The Voyage of Macgellan! (PS - Sorry about the wind noise in some of the videos... I’ll try to fix it in the future.)

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