Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Alaskan Summer 2010 About To Begin

As promised, I took a couple of weeks off just to hang out and recharge from the winter in general and the Iditarod campaign in specific. Everyone -- human and canine -- is still in the Nome area on their Arctic Adventure tours, so it's been very quiet around here. I've wrapped up a few odds and ends, but mostly I've pretty much hibernated and watched the snow melt.

I have also just moved into "big town" Fairbanks, and am temporarily living at the Holiday Inn Express -- my home away from home! There was a brief window of opportunity when my camper was sufficiently unfrozen from the ground that I could get it free, but before the roads became so muddy that I wouldn't be able to drive it out. So, I timed it perfectly, packed up my stuff one day and headed into town. If I'd waited any longer, I think I'd be stuck there for another month or more.

I'm at the Express because I've taken my camper to a local RV service place to be "de-winterized" and overhauled, in preparation for some Alaskan summer traveling I have in mind. Imagine the entire contents of my camper dumped in a motel room and you'll have a pretty good picture of my situation. The staff here know me well from my various overnight visits during the winter, and they are being very nice about my situation.

I hope to hit the road sometime around the end of the month... Stay tuned!

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