Friday, May 07, 2010

Retreat To Fairbanks!

The weather turned decidedly nasty as I was leaving Circle City, so I beat a hasty retreat to Fairbanks... Non-stop! I've checked back in to the Express, where all my friends were sad to hear my travels were cut short but happy to see me again so soon.

I'm going to stay here this week to get Darth his check-up and service, plus a bunch of other who knows what. I'm sure there must be something in Fairbanks that I haven't seen or done yet.

My good friend Greg is due here next week, for a week of what I am sure will be our usual antics. The only "plan" we have is based on the fact that he is flying in to Fairbanks and out of Anchorage. So, we'll obviously be heading down one of the two highways -- Parks or Ridhardson -- that connect the two cities.

Stay tuned!

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