Sunday, May 02, 2010

Steese Highway -- Day 1

After two more days of freezing rain in Fairbanks, I finally hit the road on the Steese Highway this morning. As advertised, it was a nice, easy drive on a well paved road. As you can see -- on these images from my "DashCam" -- it is barely spring up here. The roads are clear and dry, but so are the trees!

I'd asked around before leaving Fairbanks and everyone told me that I must stop at a particular campground, that it is by far the best and most popular in the area. I found it with no problem and pulled in, also finding that it was completely empty. Not another soul was there! I had the entire campground to myself, so I picked the best spot and settled in for the night.

I guess it really is very early in the season if nobody else is out camping yet!

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