Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pony Express: Charlie's New Home

As soon as we pulled into Charlie's new home in Fort Collins, Sam and Kelsie immediately got him off the trailer and walked him to the barn. Within moments he was in a large, indoor-outdoor combination stall and run. I've come to realize that Charlie is a very smart horse. He seemed to know perfectly well that his journey was complete and that this was his new home.

He ate and drank immediately, then took a little time to shake himself off and even roll around on the ground a bit. After that, he strolled to the end of the run and surveyed the neighborhood. I swear I could hear his equine brain saying, "Not bad, not bad at all!" After that, it was time to pose with Sam whose smile really tells the whole story. The Pony Express has been the complete success I imagined when I first hatched this crazy idea last summer!

Kelsie is spending the night with Sam at her apartment. I've checked myself into my usual "home away from home" Holiday Inn Express, waiting for word about what we'll do for a celebratory dinner together. It will be an early night for me, but I suspect the sisters will do some damage to the legendary nightlife of Fort Collins.

Kelsie and I have not finalized our plans for when we'll leave or what route we'll take back to Pennsylvania, but we'll be on our way in the next 24 hours or so. I may post something from that drive, but I expect it will be anti-climactic to document much about driving an empty trailer!

So, the main mission of the Pony Express is fully complete with perfect results. My thanks to Sam for going along with my crazy idea to do this, and to Kelsie for being such a fine partner in crime!

As always, stay tuned!... There's a lot more on tap for Macgellan this summer!

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