Saturday, June 30, 2012

Watkins Glen "Hot Lap"

While I was in the Dempsey Racing paddock at Watkins Glen, one of the Mazda reps asked me if I would like to ride a "hot lap" around the track in one of their pace cars. As you might imagine, I said "You betcha!"

A few minutes later I was in the car with Tom Long, one of Dempsey Racing's pro Mazda drivers. Seconds after that, we were flying down the track on a "hot lap" -- a full speed lap -- with Tom narrating the entire way.

We're driving a lot faster than it looks in the video, and with a lot more g-forces in play than you can probably imagine. I'm pretty good hand holding my video camera, but this ride really challenged my abilities.

So, the video isn't perfect, but the narration -- especially the calm, cool and collected way Tom does it while he's driving at high speed! -- is a real treat… Buckle up, hang on and enjoy the ride!

(Many thanks to Mazda, Tom Long and Dempsey Racing for yet another Macgellan special event!)

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