Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pony Express: St. Louis to Fort Collins

We left our overnight horse barn right on time at 5pm yesterday and continued west on I-70 amid moderately heavy traffic running over typically rolling hills. We settled right into our groove, driving for about 5 hours then stopping to give Charlie -- and ourselves! -- a little break. This time at a service plaza on the Kansas Turnpike where, as usual, we received a few odd looks from fellow motorists, and even a visit from a couple of young kids who were quite keen to "look at the horsey!"

The road at dawn in Colorado was obviously very different, but our breakfast stop was pretty much the same routine of getting Charlie out of the trailer and walking him around while the three of us took care of our own food, fluid and relief issues. Charlie was a champ at every stop!

Throughout the journey we have split up the driving, and here you can see Kelsie at the helm. I've planned and executed many complicated expeditions, but I've never even imagined having two such competent, capable and "can-do" co-explorers. Sam and Kelsie have been absolutely fantastic!

We left I-70 in Denver and headed north for a short stint on I-25 to Fort Collins. Right on time a little before noon, we saw the sign we'd been looking forward to from the start! As soon as I catch up with myself a bit, I'll post some photos of Charlie's successful -- even triumphant -- arrival at his new home... Stay tuned!

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