Thursday, July 12, 2012

US Hwy 30: "Coast-to-Coast" Preview

I've had a good, productive six months here in south-central Pennsylvania, but it's time to hit the road and get moving again!

For my next expedition, I have decided to do a coast-to-coast road trip on US Highway 30, starting in Atlantic City, NJ, and ending in Astoria, OR. The highway is one of the main US routes across the country -- much like US2 and US50 which I have already driven end-to-end -- but relatively unique in that it actually runs from coast-to-coast.

US30 goes through many, many small towns and tons of great Americana, but relatively few large cities. That's just the way I like it! You may recall that I drove some of the "Lincoln Highway" portion of US30 eastbound back in 2006 during my first Voyage of Macgellan, and I'm looking forward to experiencing the whole route this time.

Along the way, I will certainly take time for many stops, excursions and exploration of all kinds. I have no set timeframe for this road trip, but expect I will arrive in the Pacific Northwest sometime around September 1st.

Right now, I'm doing some final preparation for a long road trip. Darth has spent a day at the spa, receiving a complete servicing and a perfect check up. He's also got a brand new set of shoes, so he is ready to roll. The rest of my road rig has been serviced and inspected, also good to go.

I've got some sorting out to do, mostly converting my camper from "base camp mode" -- with a bunch of stuff scattered around and unsecured -- and into "road mode" -- with everything leaned out, locked down and ready to roll.

If all goes well, I'll hit the road on Sunday… Stay tuned!

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