Wednesday, July 18, 2012

US Hwy 30: O-hot-io & Indi-sauna-na

It was already pretty hot when I got up yesterday morning, so I started my "off" day by getting my chores done early. After that, I drove into town to get some supplies, do a little goofing around and catch a movie (Theater good and cool… Movie "Ted" not so much!). Back at my rig, I sought shelter in a breezy shade and enjoyed the view.

Back on the road this morning, US Hwy 30 was excellent across the rest of western Ohio and remained pretty good clear across Indiana. The only problem was that the temperature was sweltering and the humidity was unbearable. I hated to do it to Darth, but I just had to run the air conditioner. In fact, I had to run it on "recirculate" because the outside air was so moist it caused fog to blow into the relatively cool cabin!

This afternoon I drove to the outskirts of Chicago, then turned north to begin a week-long detour I have planned in Michigan and Wisconsin. First up tomorrow, I will drive pretty far north to visit my young friend Jake for a couple of days at his music camp in Interlochen. Jake is an outstanding young musician, and I hope to be able to "catch him in the act" and share some video with you… Stay tuned!

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