Saturday, July 21, 2012

US Hwy 30 -- Detour: Buckley Days Truck Show

In my travels, I've become quite fond of big events in small towns. Accordingly, the truck show that is part of a nearby town's "Buckley Days" was simply irresistible.

I knew practically nothing about big trucks, so I was very happy to find a couple of truckers who were willing to tell me about their rigs in terms I could understand. I still don't know much, but it's very clear that they are big, powerful, expensive and highly customized -- even specialized -- for every use. Poor Darth, the whole thing was enough to give him a slight case of Peter(bilt) envy!

In addition to consuming the customary grilled meat sandwich, I also treated myself to the requisite t-shirt... Further expanding my already extensive and quite eclectic collection!

I'm going to meet Jake again this evening and enjoy some time with him. Early tomorrow morning, I'll be heading part way back down the peninsula to catch a ferry across Lake Michigan. From there I have some shenanigans lined up for the second half of my detour in Wisconsin… Stay tuned!

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Odessa Coldiron said...

It’s indeed a big event for the grandest vehicles in town! Truck shows in small towns definitely feel very exclusive. I wish I was there too! >.< But anyway, kudos to the caretakers and owners of these stunning trucks for doing such a great job! =)